There are many times when the party favors are placed in plastic bags or in most cases tied with ribbons. These are not very useful for the receiver. The tin-tie coffee bags or gusseted bags on the other hand, now that is a great idea for it is not only practical and useful, it is also very attractive in black and white colors.

There are all sorts of coffee bags and gusseted bags, some that are in foil, some are made from natural fibres and some that are foil lined paper bags. All of these serve one purpose, to keep the filled product fresh outside of the refrigerator after the bag had been opened.

gusseted bags are not just for coffee though, as some creative individuals found out. These can effectively keep the damp out of the contents and keep them fresh. Contents can be anything from candies to cookies or other food items. So if there is a party being planned out and the party favors are being discussed, think of these tin-tied bags to keep whatever item inside it fresh.

There are so many ideas for the use of tin-tied gusseted bags and it is not just for party favors either. Anything that needs to be stored and kept dry can be placed inside these attractive bags. This is a true Green bag for it can be used and reused for as many times until it finally exhausts itself.

We Are Now Offering The Application Service Of Tin Ties To Your Gusseted Pouches. Tin Ties Available In Black Or White And In 5.5″ Or 7″ Sizes Depending On Size Of Pouch Required. These Machine Applied Tin Ties Make It Convenient For Your Customers To Re-Close The Pouches After Each Use And Ensure Precise Application On The Pouch. Contact Us Now To Have Your Tin Ties Applied !

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