Super grain bags help in extending germination of seeds, maintaining stable seeds, weight and moisture content for extended periods. Most importantly, they control insect pest without any insecticides. Live insects in the bags have been observed to be dead after 1-2 weeks of storage. Super grain bags are inexpensive. Hence, this technique, compared to traditional storage systems, would be one of the most effective and economical tool in reducing storage losses.

PRECAUTIONS when using a Super Bag :

  • → Make sure that you
  • → Do not over fill the super bag.
  • → Do not puncture or damage the bag.
  • → Never carry the grain by holding on to the Super bag, always use the outer bag for carrying.
  • → Seal properly.
  • → Do not use Hooks to hang the bags.
  • → Clean, dry and fold undamaged Super grain Bags as it can be REUSED.
  • → Check regularly- for leaks and re-seal .

Super grain bags work on the principle of “hermetic storage” where flow of oxygen and water from outer environment is completely checked. This prevents damage and proliferation by storage insect pests and helps reduce grain losses without using any insecticides. Additionally, it greatly helps preserve the quality, germination and vigor of the seeds. It can be used to store a wide range of commodities (maize, paddy, milled rice, wheat, millet, bea)

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