Recyclable environmentally friendly packaging offers a way to deal with the mounting problem of landfill waste. Due to the increasing pollution in the environment now we are looking for Eco-friendly packaging materials. Conservation and waste reduction are becoming ever more integrated into everyday life as the other packaging is not easily compatible in nature it takes many decays to destroy. a collaborative report from a few departments of the U.S. government listed the time it takes for some packaging to break down in the environment.

They include:-

  • → Glass bottle: 1 million years.
  • → Plastic beverage bottles: 450 years.
  • → Aluminum can: 80-to-200 years.
  • → Plastic bag: 10-to-20 years.

So to save the environment we have launch new packaging materials which is eco-friendly packaging materials as this packaging can be easily recyclable without any other natural resource used, we can re-use this packaging material again and again as it is Eco-friendly it does not have any bad impact on nature. So Eco-friendly bags are a part of the solution today, it doesn’t just save the planet, it demonstrates corporate responsibility and states company values loud and clear. So now its become more necessary for migrating to Eco-friendly packaging rather than plastic, Glass or bottle packaging.

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