Plastic bags have been the packaging of choice for most people for many years now due to their sheer durability and reusable properties.

Plastic bags are usually made of low density polyethylene and are produced in a variety of types such as :

  • → Plastic grocery bags
  • → Snacks packaging
  • → Animal food packaging
  • → Sea salt packaging and more others.

Plastic bags are also more widely used in the trade industry as compared to their paper counterparts because it is more inexpensive, more durable, and is widely available.

Pouch Makers Canada offer stock plastic bags for quicker delivery.

We also offer personalised plastic bags with free help in designing the bags that would best fit your business, considering size, materials, use, closure, graphic design, even special pictures.

Below Images are our Stock Products Images.

Our Minimum order Quantity is between 500 to 1000 Pieces.

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