Our foil stamped has a metal-like sheen and gives a shiny and shimmering look to the foil stamped design on the custom packaging bags. Our foil stamped is available in different metal shades such as gold, rose gold, glossy silver, matt silver, bronze, and many more others. It gives the custom pouches a shiny and elegant appearance like adding a so luxury feel.

Our Foil stamping finish is maximum customer applying on custom pouches which are using for:

  • → Cosmetic packaging
  • → Coffee packaging
  • → Perfume packaging
  • → Nuts and dry fruits packaging
  • → Food Products packaging and many more others

Our foil Stamp can be almost any colors in rolls a wide assortment of colors, finishes, and optical effects like

  • → The gold foil
  • → silver foil
  • → copper foil and
  • → holographic foil stamping are the most common.

Foil stamping finish is also applied on the custom paper bags and plastic pouches for any products of clients when they want.

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