Flat bottom pouches are the latest type of pouch on the market. it is also known as: the quad seal bottom pouch, blocks bottomed pouch. The pouch is seald in four corners and have a completely flat bottom so it stands very good.

Flat-bottom bags will hold a lot of that means you’ll save 15% of packaging materials due to their distinctive style. They additionally save shelf within the grocery store as a result of the bags are high and the dimension is less than the same size of traditional pouch. this kind of pouch will save money for the manufacturer because they pay less for shelf area to the supermarket.

You can also get one-way valve on these bags to match for roasted coffee. Other uses are:

  • → Animal feed
  • → Organic products
  • → Chocolate
  • → Powder
  • → Spices
  • → Muesli
  • → Biscuits
  • → Tea and many more other items.

Below Images are our Stock Products Images.

Our Minimum order Quantity is between 500 to 1000 Pieces.

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Measurement of Flat bottom pouch No zipper

Flat Bottom Pouchs with No Zipper

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Flat Bottom Pouchs with Zipper

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Flat Bottom Pouchs with Tear Off Zipper

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