Oxo-Degradable Bags are environment friendly plastics and it is called green packaging. These bags are better for the environment because the bags are totally degraded.

The bags starts degrading in the presence of oxygen and soil. Approx 40% of the total weight is degraded within 6 months and remaining takes about 12 to 15 years. So they can be called as Green Packaging or Green Bags.

The oxo-degradable bags have extremely similar qualities to those of the synthetic plastic ones. They are moisture and vapor resistant and they are durable. They have less oxygen barrier so we need to check the shelf life of the packed product and than the order in bulk. If you are selling your product very fast than it may be good to use this green packaging as there are less chance the product getting bad.

Many users have already replaced their regular plastic products with oxo-degradable plastic bags and our bags are different than compostable and recyclable ones in property so we advise you to first test your product and then purchase in bulk. Our bags put us one step closer to solving the problem of the global plastic waste accumulation.

Our bags are the weapon of choice for those who care about the environmental problems, such as the “industrial waste catastrophe”. These degradable items will not only degrade faster, but also does wholly and safely.

Below Images are our Stock Products Images.

Our Minimum order Quantity is between 500 to 1000 Pieces. We sell in boxes.

For custom printed bags our minimum quantity starts from 1000 pieces for simple designs and 10000 with complex designs.

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