Pouch Makers Canada manufacturer of different type and style of packaging materials. To pack detergent the packaging material has to be soap resistant and alkali resistant. We have developed special material which has this property so detergent bags do not get delaminated.

To pack liquid detergent like dish wash, floor cleaning liquid, or clothes / fabric washing liquid we can make stand up pouch with spout which is very good option than containers. This spout pouches are very good for refill products where the customer can purchase them at cheaper cost because containers are 2 to 3 time expensive than spout pouches.

Where else spout pouches are environmentally friendly than plastic containers and plastic bottles. Plastic containers and plastic bottles uses 2 to 4 times more plastic than spout pouches.

To transport plastic container we require 5-7 times more space compared to transport spout pouches. So spout pouches are more environment friendly and uses less carbon footprint compared with plastic containers.

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