Pouch makers Canada makes child resistant packaging. that is one of the best-documented successes in preventing accidental poisoning of children. A child resistant package sometimes needs a special ‘trick’ to open it – one thing too sophisticated for many young kids to figure out. as an example, users may need to push or squeeze a lid at the same time as turning it. It’s also potential to create non-reclosable packs, like blister packs, kid resistant by using terribly sturdy material or covers that need to be peeled off. Now a days Its a common to see children putting things in their mouth every now and then. They do not know whether it is harmful for them or not. This generally happens when they have new teeth coming out or when they are attracted to something. Most often when we want children to take some medicine, we tell them that it a candy. But seldom do we realize that the child might try and take the medicine again considering it to be a candy as we had told them earlier. The risk is always in. We must be ready at our end to fight against it.

It is required by regulation for :-

  • → Prescription drugs
  • → Over-the-counter medications
  • → Nicotine Containing Electronic Cigarette devices or Refill containers that can contain Nicotine

We do not have anything in the market that can cure the child once he has consumed something poisonous. So we must be even more careful with such incidents. Everyone tries their level best that this situation must not arise. But you cannot stay around your child 24X7. All hopes turned to medical science for a solution to the same. They discovered something that could have been considered as the last line of defence. This was a package that helped stop the children from ingesting unhealthy and dangerous items. Since it is a crucial matter and involves safety of your child.

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